Tourists revealed a simple item that can provide a good sleep on a noisy charter

Tourists have been revealed a simple item that can ensure good sleep on a noisy charter

Flying can be tiring, especially if you can't get a wink of an eye on board. Travel blogger Cairo Ferguson, who shares her travel tips and tricks on the blog, this time revealed the secret item she always packs in her hand luggage to sleep on a noisy charter.
Sleeping on an airplane can be a difficult feat, and for many travelers, there are several factors that make it difficult to get a few hours of sleep. These include lack of privacy and personal space, dry, recycled air, and turbulence.

However, perhaps one of the most common reasons why passengers cannot sleep is due to the noise on board. From fellow travelers talking to the hum of an airplane engine, there are many sounds that air travelers usually hear while trying to sleep.

According to the tourist, her main and at the same time simple item for sleeping is earplugs. “I still use them at home every evening. I'm obsessed with keeping things quiet. I love sleeping on planes, but I need it to be quiet. There's nothing worse than being stuck behind a pair of loud jet-engine blabbermouths. A good pair of earplugs means I can get several hours of uninterrupted sleep and feel rested upon arrival,” she said.

The traveler also recommended dressing comfortably for the flight, especially if there is a long-haul flight ahead. “In terms of comfort, nothing beats a blazer and trousers,” she added, and advised wearing comfortable shoes for the flight that are easy to put on and take off. Wearing multiple layers of clothing can also help while you sleep, as it makes it easier to regulate your body temperature.

Aircraft experts have explained that one of the reasons passengers find it difficult to sleep can be too hot or too cold. According to them, science suggests that the temperature for optimal sleep is between +15.5°C and +19.4°C.

“While cabins are usually maintained at temperatures between +21°C and +23.8° C, the temperature fluctuates in different areas of the cabin, as well as during takeoff, flight and landing of the aircraft. The study found that 60 percent of aircraft experience temperature drops of 50 degrees. Dress in light, easily removable layers of clothing to prevent overheating and not to freeze when the plane cools down,” experts advised tourists.

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