Tourists revealed the rules of how not to become hated during the flight

The rules were revealed to tourists on how not to become hated during the flight

In order not to turn into a hated passenger and not spoil a comfortable flight for yourself and others, you should follow five « golden rules. Which ones, travel expert Nicky Kelvin told Travel pro.

According to him, we are talking about elementary rules of etiquette, using which the tourist will not provoke and annoy fellow travelers and crew. How to leave the plane upon arrival without making mortal enemies? Nicky Calvin's answer is to follow the unwritten rules.

The Code of the Good Tourist consists of the following five points:

  1. “Don't recline your seat while eating. In economy class, where space is limited, eating is more difficult if the person in front of you is reclining. Some flight attendants instruct passengers to raise their seats during meals, but despite this, you should do it out of respect for the person sitting behind you, ”the specialist shared.
  2. Do not engage in an armrest battle . “No one likes to sit in the middle between two strangers, but if everyone follows the unwritten rules, there will be less trouble. The main thing is to be polite, he is sure. “Experts agree that the passenger in the middle seat deserves to use both armrests because he has the worst seat in the row,” added the expert.
  3. Keep your socks on. In addition to the possible “ombré”, it is worth remembering that the floor on the plane, and even more so in the toilet, is far from clean, but, on the contrary, is teeming with germs. In addition, flight attendants often warn that there is urine on the floor in the bathroom.
  4. Use headphones. In order not to turn into an inveterate bastard by the end of the flight, while watching a video that may be of interest only to you, you should use headphones.
  5. Get up to let your neighbor out. “Get up to let people out of the line, don't make people crawl past your feet, doing your best not to touch your body,” Nicky Kelvin concluded.

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