Tourists revealed the secret of how to get more legroom on a plane without paying extra using Google

Tourists revealed the secret of how to get more legroom on an airplane without paying extra using Google< /p>There is a simple Google search hack that will help tourists book the most legroom seat on an airplane without having to pay for it. Tourist Zachary Abel shared the details on his Instagram account (blocked in Russia for extremism).

His advice is to use Google Flights when planning your next vacation. In his video, he explained the secret like this: “Here is a Google Flight secret that you may not know about. Let's say you want to travel from Los Angeles to New York from November 12 to 16. You see that JetBlue, United and Delta are all priced the same and this is a really great deal. So which option is better? Enter: Query “Leg Rooms for Google Flights”. See what it does – the same flights – it tells you how much legroom you will have,” shared the expert.

Help: Legrooms for Google Flights is an extension , which can be added to the Chrome browser.

He added that if travelers want to fly business class, the extension will also show which seats recline and which don't. In addition, it also shows the CO2 emissions of a flight if passengers want to travel with a greener airline.

The video, which he also posted on his TikTok account, has been liked by over 38,000 people and many said it was amazing advice. “God, this is brilliant!”, “Best hack of the year to date”, “This is the best thing I saw today on the Internet. From a frequent flyer…thank you!” – such comments were left by travelers.

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