Tourists told how to check your hotel room for bed bugs

Tourists were told how to check their hotel room for bed bugs

Another useful tip on how and where to check your hotel room for bed bugs (and as it turned out, this phenomenon is not at all uncommon) was voiced on the Reddit social network by a blogger – a regular traveler. The main area of ​​attention, of course, is the bed, but with a few practical additions.

“Bug bites are painful and itchy, bedbugs can go home with tourists in clothes,” the blogger recalls. However, there are several ways in which tourists can try to spot troublesome neighbors.

So, the first piece of advice: as soon as tourists get to the hotel room, you should immediately inspect the mattress and make sure “that it is spotless and there are no bed bugs in sight.” it is seen”. It is advisable to lift the sheet on the bed while doing this – this item is still changed often enough to make sure that there are no signs of bedbugs on the mattress.

“Life hacks” when examining the bed are as follows – pay special attention to the “hidden places” between the mattress and the headboard. Typically, bed headboards are bolted to the walls, which means they are never moved and hardly cleaned. This means that bedbugs are not disturbed there as they are in bed linen. It is also necessary to inspect all corners of the mattress.

Bed bugs can also hide in bed frames, on clothes, furniture, behind paintings, or even under wallpaper. Tourists can check these places when they enter their hotel room to see if there are any obvious signs of bed bugs,” the blogger added. And he listed these clear signs.

  • Blood stains or vague dark small spots on bedding or a mattress can be a trace of a crushed beetle or the consequences of a bite.
  • Tiny brown spots on linen or furniture are bedbug excrement.
  • Small pearly white spots – bedbug eggs
  • Insects themselves can be dark yellow, red or brown and have a length of about 5 mm.

“If a tourist finds traces of bedbugs or bites, he should immediately inform the hotel staff. Upon returning home, tourists should wash their clothes at a temperature of at least 60 degrees to kill insects. Then the affected clothes should be put in a plastic bag and placed in the freezer for about three to four days, and the luggage should also be checked for the presence of bedbugs,” the blogger writes.

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