Tourists told the best places on the plane to survive the disaster

Tourists were told the best places on the plane to survive during a disaster

“I will never travel the same way again” – such a reaction came from tourists, who learned from former flight attendant Kat Calamani, now a popular TikTok blogger, recommendations for choosing the best seat on the plane.

According to the Express, in a video titled “The Top Five Things I Do Every Time I Travel as a Former Flight Attendant,” she claimed she never booked a window seat for important reasons. “Number one. I always try to take a seat in the middle or at the aisle, ie. I never take a window seat for security reasons,” she shared.

Several TikTok users have asked why the middle seat was the safest, to which the expert has yet to answer. But some research has been done on this very issue. For example, a 2007 study of air crashes in the United States since 1971 found that tourists sitting in the back rows were 40 percent more likely to survive a crash than passengers in the front rows. In fact, he found that the highest death rate was associated with seats in the aisles in the middle of the plane, contrary to the flight attendant's assumption.

However, another study, this time in the UK, found that the most dangerous seats were the window seats at the back of the aircraft. In any case, there is no conclusive evidence as there are so many variables when it comes to studying air crashes.

But air crashes involving commercial aircraft are rare. According to a Harvard University study, the chance of a plane crash is 1 in 1.2 million. The same study found that the chances of dying in a plane crash are 1 in 11 million. However, the risk increases significantly when flying in a private jet. According to statistics, they fail much more often. On the other hand, the odds of dying in a car crash are 1 in 5,000.

In addition, the flight attendant had a number of other tips for travelers. “Secondly, I always bring treats for the flight attendants,” she added, explaining that this will give passengers special treatment and possibly even an upgrade.

“Thirdly, I always take a small bag with me full of the most necessary things in case something happens. Fourth, I never travel with a purse, I always travel with a fanny pack. Number five: I always buckle up, even if the buckle up sign is turned off,” the blogger said.

TikTok users have expressed their opinion in the comments. Many praised the offer to bring treats. “Yes, I bring masks for flight attendants!”, “I learned from you about treats for flight attendants, and since then it hasn’t let me down,” such comments were left by travelers under the video.

Among the commentators was also stewardess. Here is what she wrote: “When (passengers) give us chocolate as a token of appreciation as a crew, we always make sure that the passenger is well taken care of during the flight. I was a flight attendant for 14 years…I've never heard of anyone being safer in the middle seat.”

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