Tourists told why they should not book a hotel room higher than the fourth floor and avoid the first floor

Tourists have been told why they should not book a hotel room above the fourth floor and avoid the first floor

Tourists should avoid booking a hotel room higher than the fourth floor and avoid the first floor,” was the safety warning issued by former military-turned-risk travel expert Lloyd Figgins.

According to the expert, climbing higher in the hotel in search of a better view is not worth it. The best choice for travelers is the third floor. There are two reasons for this. In an interview with Sun Online Travel, he told Sun Online Travel that the biggest thing overlooked is the risk of fire.

When you arrive at a hotel, you are in an unfamiliar environment that you think is safe. The problem is, if the fire alarm went off, what would we do next? Do we know where the fire exit is? How are we going to get to it and get you to safety? Is it blocked or locked? – Figgins set the logic of reasoning.

On holiday, tourists should not lose sight of safety, he stated: “It is always worth taking the route of the fire escape, counting the number of doors between your room and the fire escape. Make sure you stay between the second and fourth floors of the hotel because the fire escape rarely goes higher than the fourth floor. And the floors below are usually targeted by burglars.”

In fact, to be especially vigilant against burglary, the author of a travel survival guide pointed out that travelers should never say their room number out loud while in a hotel. Moreover, when checking in at the front desk, they must ask the hotel staff to write down the room number, and not say it out loud – like at a bank cashier with cash in/out.

“Hotels attract criminals because there are a lot of people with valuables or property either in their room or on them. Reception and lobbies are where they can pretend to be hotel guests. This is how they look for tourists who check into a hotel alone – this way they can clearly hear which room is allocated to them and be sure that if the tourist has left, then there is definitely no one in the room. For example, an administrator might say, “Your number is 301.” Then, when the scammers see a tourist in a bar or restaurant, they know that the room is free and are unlikely to be disturbed if they enter the room, ”the source explained to the publication. At the same time, he added that it is not uncommon for thieves to convince cleaners to open the right door for them through tricks.

Other safety tips are precautions too. So, anyone who is worried about being robbed while in their room should purchase a door wedge before traveling. “Even if you are in your hotel room and the criminals have a lockpick, a door wedge installed under the door will stop them,” the expert warned.

Continuing the theme of security, a hotel employee also explained why you should never carry a hotel room key card, which is given to tourists after check-in. The reason is clear: having lost it, things and valuables in the room can be taken out by thieves who will use this very card or resort to special equipment to open the door.

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