Tourists warned in Thailand: big change of seasons has begun

Tourists have been warned in Thailand: a big change of seasons has begun

Thailand has officially announced that a big change of seasons has begun: winter has officially retreated and the summer season has begun, which will bring extreme heat, which in some provinces can reach +43 degrees. The average temperature in the kingdom is predicted at +35.5 degrees.

The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) announced the beginning of the summer heat wave. Summer comes to the country when the monsoon in the upper regions of Thailand causes temperatures to rise. “The monsoon changes direction from the northeast to the southeast. This causes a gradual increase in temperature in the north and northeast. Temperatures are expected to reach at least 35 degrees every day,” the meteorologists explained. According to them, the end of the hot season will have to wait until the end of May, with an average temperature of about 35.5 degrees. In the hottest provinces – fortunately, they are not included in their list of tourist ones – the heat will reach +43 degrees.

At the same time, in the Greater Bangkok area with five neighboring provinces – that is, including the popular Pattaya tourists are expected to experience temperatures of 38-39 degrees Celsius, the meteorological department said. In other central provinces, it can be from 40 to 42 degrees Celsius. Thunderstorms and high humidity are also expected in March-April.

So far, on the island of Phuket, popular with Russian tourists, the temperature is still at +35 degrees. The sky is clear, tourists are warned about the “extreme” level of solar activity. The water temperature in the sea is +27 degrees. At the same time, from the middle of next week, tourists are promised that the weather will become cloudy, but so far without rain. Hot weather will continue.

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