Tourists warned that being naked in your hotel room is fraught with fines and jail

Tourists have been warned that being naked in their hotel room is fraught with fines and jail time

Walking naked even in your hotel room can result in a tourist being fined or facing a real prison sentence if the traveler is in Singapore. However, how the authorities can find out about such an offense in order to impose a punishment, and how to get around the law, remaining naked and noticed, The Sun told.

Sometimes guests want to relax and not only turn on the air conditioner, but also take off their clothes with yourself, especially if you are in a hot country. Alas, in Singapore there is a law that punishes nudity even in your own room. Exposure, even in one's own hotel room, is considered “lewd behavior” under the Miscellaneous Offenses (Disturbance of Public Order) Act (MOPONA).

As it turned out, any witness who notices the violator at least through the window can report the incident to the police, and the law enforcement officer will be fined $ 2 thousand (150.8 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate) or even three months in a local prison. Therefore, just in case, it is better to close the curtains.

Previously, real similar situations were known: for example, in 2009, a man was fined $ 2.6 thousand (196 thousand rubles) after he was walking around in his own apartment. Neighbors denounced the police.

However, in Singapore, other, harmless at first glance, actions are also regarded by local authorities as a violation of the law. For example, it is forbidden to import and chew chewing gum into the country, it is forbidden to feed wild animals, “steal” someone else's Wi-Fi and vaping. Tourists need to remember that ignorance of the laws does not exempt them from responsibility in a foreign country.

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