Tourists went into the sea and indulged in amorous pleasures in front of a shocked and laughing crowd

Tourists entered the sea and indulged in amorous pleasures in front of a shocked and laughing crowd

Visitors to the beach in Islas de La Bahia in Honduras was noticed and filmed by a couple of tourists who went into the sea waist-deep and indulged in amorous pleasures, thinking that no one was watching them. Some viewers were shocked, some laughed, writes DailyStar.

The crystal clear sea of ​​a beach in Honduras seemed like an ideal place for making love to a perky couple of tourists. In the video filmed by witnesses, the woman leans forward slightly and holds on to the beam for balance, while the man moves back and forth, periodically looking back to see if anyone is nearby. Interestingly, despite his precautions, he did not manage to notice the giggling onlookers crowded nearby.

Later, the local authorities managed to find a couple. The man and woman are already testifying to the police, where they have been charged. Such vulgar behavior is prohibited on public beaches in Honduras.

“These people are under police surveillance and are collaborating with us,” said Mary Ortiz, a spokeswoman for the Puerto Cortés Department of Justice. The investigation is ongoing.

The video of the incident has been posted on the Internet, and users are actively commenting on it. Most agree that the police should leave the couple alone, because they just fulfilled the dream of many lovers. “I think it's okay, just leave them alone. The problem is that some people don't want to see others happy. Pure envy,” wrote one of the netizens.

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