Tourists went to a ghost hotel in a popular resort and were shocked by what they saw

Tourists went to a ghost hotel in a popular resort and were shocked by what they saw

Thrill-seekers and abandoned places spotted a ghost hotel on the popular resort island of Bali in Indonesia and were shocked by what they saw: inside the creepy abandoned hotel, food was still on the dining tables, and the bedrooms were prepared for guests. Everything looked as if the guests were covered by a sudden danger and they left it in a hurry. Paulina Andriulite, a tourist and part-time graphic designer, shared the details of visiting the resort “abandoned” on her TikTok account.

She said that she found the hotel while working remotely in the Indonesian resort town. In a series of videos posted on TikTok that have racked up almost 30 million views in total, she revealed that she and other travelers explored an empty hotel where 266 rooms are in near-perfect condition.

The video begins with before and after shots showing just how creepy the place they found looks. “Abandoned places have intrigued me since childhood, and that hasn’t changed at all. There is something magical in these places, I can't explain it, it's like getting into another world. We just love to go where our eyes lead, with no expectations. In this way, we find the most impressive places that are not affected by mass tourism,” she said.

The girl couldn't find any history about the hotel but believes it was suddenly abandoned around 2020 – and no one seems to know why. “The last guest reviews of the hotel were written in 2020, so I think it was abandoned during this year. The place was completely open, there was no sign of closure, no fence or anything like that. Anyway, at first we thought it was a working hotel, as we noticed two helmets lying on the ground at the reception, so we thought that someone was still in the hotel,” she added.

The footage showed various areas of the resort, including the entrance group, which had become heavily overgrown over the years, as well as various rooms and dining rooms that the tourist discovered.

It is noteworthy that some of the rooms have remained mothballed, as if they are still ready to receive guests who will never arrive: with furniture, towels, flyers and toilet paper in their place. The travelers later found plates of half-eaten food on the table, as well as documents in the staff room. “The moment we entered the front desk, we still couldn't figure out where everything was and that it was an abandoned place. It seemed that people were here a few hours ago and just left somewhere. The rooms in the abandoned hotel seemed to look the same as the rooms in other hotels currently in operation. They were fully furnished with towels, toilet paper, printed restaurant flyers and menus on the table. There was all the furniture, electronics, mattresses, utensils… there was even an open staff room full of paper documents and food left on the table,” the video said.

Although the hotel appears to be in good condition, there are signs of natural decay on the walls and ceilings, including mold. Instead of tourists, different living creatures settled there: “There were a lot of huge insects and reptiles in the hotel. They are everywhere. Mold damaged the walls and ceilings, and some ceilings in the corridors were completely destroyed by mold and moisture. However, we didn't see any signs of vandalism, it looks like it's just natural decay.”

TikTok users were shocked by the travelers' discovery. “These rooms are cleaner than mine,” one of them joked. The second suggested that the hotel was abandoned due to the pandemic: “I think the quarantine started and the hotel closed shortly after that, so the people who work there left without knowing they would never come back.” A third, however, saw this as an opportunity to stock up: “I see a lot of free things.”

It was previously reported that Russian tourists will soon be able to fly again to the tropical island of Bali and revive the country’s tourism and economy with their presence . Aeroflot can act as a carrier. This information was announced by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia Sandiaga Uno. According to him, the work on preparing the launch of charter flights between Moscow and Bali is nearing completion.

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