Tourists were called the mistakes due to which they can be kicked out of popular countries

Tourists have been called mistakes that can lead to them being kicked out of popular countries

Due to behavioral errors and violation of non-obvious local rules tourists can be kicked out of some popular countries and even denied entry back. What not to do while on vacation in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, The Sun told.

The story of Russian tourist Yuri, who was naked from the waist down on Mount Agung in Bali, has made a lot of noise on the Internet and has already covered by us earlier. The joke seemed not only unsuccessful, but even offensive to the locals, their culture and religion. In Hinduism, Mount Agung is considered a sacred temple of the gods, so the decision to deport a Russian was the expected result of the desecration of the shrine.

This is not the first time that tourists have gotten into trouble for not knowing local laws and customs. For example, vacationers in Sri Lanka have found themselves in prison more than once after trying to pose for photographs against the backdrop of Buddha statues or even kiss them. One woman was even arrested because of the Buddha tattoo on her arm.

The fact is that in Sri Lanka, the Buddha is considered the ninth incarnation of the god Vishnu, and the crimes associated with his image are taken very seriously. Interestingly, photographing Buddha statues is not prohibited, but selfies with them are already considered a violation.

Thailand also has laws that confuse tourists. For example, you should not step on or otherwise express disrespect for banknotes of 20 baht. For this, you can end up in jail for a long time. The reason is that the country's banknotes depict the reigning monarch of Thailand, and any act of disrespect to the Thai royal family is criminalized under the Leze Majeste law.

Leze Majeste criminalizes insulting or slandering the monarch or another high-ranking member of the royal family. This law is in force in a number of countries, including Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. In Thailand, for example, violation of this law can lead to long prison terms, as well as other penalties such as fines and confiscation of property.

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