Tourists were informed of an error that could prevent them from boarding a flight

Tourists have been informed of an error that may prevent them from boarding the flight

To get on the plane, you need not only to have the necessary documents with you, but also to make sure they are correct. Tourists have been told that the slightest mistake or typographical error on a ticket or boarding pass could prevent them from boarding a flight, writes The Sun newspaper.

A passenger from the UK found a typo in the name under which he booked a flight on an airplane. The difference was only one letter – Don Michael Smith instead of John Michael Smith. However, the tourist realized that even such a small mistake can become a big problem. He turned to the airline, which demanded an amount in excess of the cost of the ticket for making changes to the data.

Before paying the fee, John decided to ask on the Reddit forum if the difference of one letter between the name on the passport and the name on the ticket would really be a problem when boarding. “Obviously the name is the same, just a slightly different spelling. Is there a formal check, or will I get away with it if I try my luck?” he asked.

One user responded, “The last time I was in line to board, the woman in front of me had the same problem and they didn't let her through.” Another person added: “I was delayed and almost denied boarding during a stopover in Italy from New York because my middle name was not on the ticket.”

Many on the forum were surprised that the airline was demanding a change one letter so much money. “I don't know why they want you to pay so much extra money. This is an obvious error that is easy to fix. Are you trying to change something else in the ticket? If you're not lucky, you can go to the airport and talk to someone at the front desk. Take a lot of ID with you, ”a Reddit user advised.

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