Tourists were not affected by mass unrest: tour operators spoke about a new direction for Russians where riots arose

Mass unrest did not affect tourists: tour operators spoke about a new direction for Russians where riots arose

The protests in Iran, a new destination for Russians, do not affect the places that Russian tourists usually visit, but the negative information background may scare away our fellow citizens from a new tourist destination for them. Such an assessment from market experts was presented to ATOR. They recalled that the main protests are taking place in Kurdistan, where the situation has escalated due to the death of a young girl who died after being detained by the vice police for wearing the wrong hijab. The protests have been going on for several days – and mainly in the province of Kurdistan itself, in the homeland of the deceased.

Although Kurdistan has its sights, it is not included in the usual tourist route in Iran, which Russian organized tourists are moving in, the experts of the tourist market added. So the protests do not affect tourists in any way. Their main route passes through Tehran, Shiraz, Persepolis, Isfahan, Kish Island, Yazd city, Lut desert and Kerman province. None of these cities are particularly affected by the protests, the situation is calm, there are no unrest, tourist facilities are operating as usual. The only thing that is possible in some regions is interruptions in the work of cellular communications.

“Now there are Russian tourists in Kerman, today we contacted them. They are fine. Their rest is not in danger. We are in constant contact, both with tourists and with the host company, ”said ATOR in one of the travel companies. According to them, while the events in the country do not lead to the cancellation of booked tours. However, if the negative information background continues to escalate, this may scare away tourists. They also added that tourists have questions about the dress code in connection with the events. “But there is no reason to worry. Yes, compliance with the dress code is mandatory for tourists, but it is not strictly controlled,” experts said.

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