Tourists were told an unusual life hack how to hide valuables in a hotel so that they are not stolen

Tourists were told an unusual life hack how to hide valuables in a hotel so that they are not stolen

Tips for tourists worried about the safety of money and valuables in the hotel room, as well as about their own safety, British experts voiced. Life hacks include hiding money in an empty shampoo bottle, under a mattress, and even in a toilet bowl.

“Leaving money and jewelry in a hotel room can be dangerous and tourists should avoid it as much as possible when going on vacation. However, if there is no other alternative, where is the best place to hide them?” – Tony Raurich, director of the booking platform, which left Russia, answered this question to the Express edition. He stated that “leaving valuables in a hotel safe is not always the safest option, especially if the hotel is very low-end” and shared some of the most unusual places to store valuables in a hotel room.

The main thing, in his words, is not to leave money or valuables in sight, and not put them away where attackers can obviously find them – in the drawers of bedside tables, for example. “There are many amazing places to hide valuables in a hotel room when you travel” abroad, such as a bottle of shampoo,” the expert also noted. According to him, this is one of the most common tips – a bottle of shampoo, especially in the bathroom or in a suitcase, is a pretty good hiding place for valuables.

Among the other classic tips is to hide money in secret pockets in luggage or in the suitcase itself. Another option is to put them under the mattress, preferably in the middle, so that intruders (and maids) will not find them by raising the corner of the bed.

“The other method is to do the opposite and deceive with the most visible things,” added a spokesman for Booking. To do this, money is put into something that is in plain sight – in a magazine, book or hotel booklets or inside a box of paper napkins. You can store money in an envelope taped to the bottom of the table and its drawers or a chair. So there are a lot of ways to “have fun” for a tourist concerned about safety. “The main thing is that everything is not in one place, that the money is laid out in different hiding places,” the expert also adds.

Another expert, Jonathan Wall, CEO of SimpliSafe, also shared some tips on how to “stay safe in your hotel room.” He considers the ideal hotel to be a good quality hotel with CCTV, which “will give you extra peace of mind, helping you to switch off and enjoy your time.” And the expert also voiced the following tips – when you leave the room, leave a “do not disturb” sign on the door and turn on the TV to deceive intruders. While in the room, make sure that it is locked from the inside, and at night it is advisable to close it with a latch and a shutter for additional security – if there are any in the room, of course. Another piece of advice is to avoid, if possible, the ground-level entry rooms that are popular with tourists, as these are the rooms that burglars often choose.

In terms of keeping things safe, this expert also advised to “hide jewelry under the mattress, in a shower cap and even in a toilet tank. Or do not look for exotic ways and just use the hotel safe. Since even the simplest shelter is better than not hiding your valuables at all.”

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