Tourists were told how to get the whole row of seats on the plane without additional payment

Tourists were told how to get the whole row of seats on the plane without additional payment

Flights, especially long distances, are expensive. And when it comes to paying for a more comfortable seat with extra legroom, the total airfare can be shocking. However, there is a hack that will help a tourist get a whole row of seats for himself for free. One of the travelers on the Reddit forum shared details with colleagues about an effective method. The council works with airlines that allow passengers to choose their pickup location free of charge when checking in online.

Sometimes tourists who want to travel in super comfort need to fork out for additional seats, the cost of which is three times the cost of a single ticket. The essence of the life hack is as follows: online check-in usually opens 24 hours before the flight departure. “If you're flying economy class with a companion and you can select your seats online, don't sit next to each other in a row of three seats. One of you sits by the aisle and the other by the window, leaving the middle seat empty if possible. When other people choose their places, no one volunteers to take the middle place if there are no other options. Instead, they will go to a window or an aisle, or if they are traveling with a companion, usually any two empty seats next to each other,” he explained.

For example, on super-popular charter flights, the scheme will not work, because the aircraft will be fully loaded, but in other cases, luck may smile at the traveler. “If the flight is not full, then you are much more likely to keep the row empty as soon as the plane takes off. No person in their right mind wants to sit in the middle between a couple if they have the option of taking a seat on either side. A win-win option,” the specialist added.

The experts shared some additional tricks that can ensure that the passenger is not left sitting away from their fellow travelers. If you can't get free seats but are desperate to sit with your significant other or family, then British aviation expert Nicky Kelvin recommended booking your flight as early as possible.

it is important to book flights as far away as possible. This ensures that there are still plenty of empty seats before the plane starts to fill up with other passengers. If you happen to book at the last minute, I would recommend calling the airline directly to see if there are available seats that are not visible online. Often airlines block certain rows, so there's a good chance there might still be empty seats for you and your kids if you ask,” the specialist finally advised.

Another experienced traveler previously shared a different method, how to fly without anyone sitting next to you – read the details here.

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