Tourists were told how to protect themselves in a hotel room

Tourists were told how to stay safe in a hotel room

Although many hotels are equipped with surveillance cameras and security guards monitor security, it is difficult for tourists traveling abroad alone to relax. However, there are several ways to make sure that the traveler and his luggage in the hotel room will remain inaccessible to thieves and scammers. Former flight attendant Nassim spoke about them exclusively with the Express newspaper.

The flight attendant admitted that she doesn't always feel safe in a hotel room. “When I started flying, I heard a story about how an airline employee entered her hotel room and did not check it properly, and in the meantime, someone hid in her room. Soon she was attacked. So every time I got to the hotel room, I used my suitcase as a prop to keep the hotel door open. Then she went inside. I checked the bathroom, the place under the bed and the table, behind the curtains, the wardrobes to make sure that there was no one there, ”explained the flight attendant.

According to her, she would never have entered the room without doing the usual security ritual. Given that some hotels don't have chains for their doors, “we just rely on the lock.” The stewardess explained that there is another good trick to immediately react to the fact that someone enters the hotel room. “That’s also why I put my bag by the door. In case someone opens it from the outside, the bag will make noise,” added the travel expert.

A crew member shared other things travelers should always do to stay safe abroad. “I would also make sure to never get in an elevator with just one person and press your floor. And make sure no one follows you into your room. If you feel unsafe, wait in the lobby until those you thought you were leaving. Only then go to your room, especially if you are alone,” Nassim said.

In addition, the expert recommended not to use the “Do not disturb” or “Cleaning required” sign. At the same time, she recommended keeping valuables and important documents in a safe. In addition, it is important to maintain a simulated life in the room so that intruders do not try to enter inside. “I always leave the TV on, so it seems like I’m in the room all the time,” concluded the flight attendant.

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