Tourists were told where the feces from the toilet in a flying plane merge

Tourists were told where the feces from the toilet in the flying plane are drained

To the burning question of some of the public – what happens to the poop in the toilet of the aircraft, and is it true that the feces are dumped over board right during the flight when flushing the toilet on the heads of the population that was below, answered with a video on TikTok local popular blogger Garrett, a professional pilot, who often attracts subscribers with the details of his work.

“No, every time you flush the water in an airplane, the fruits of your life do not fall on the population below. And they never fall. All poop passes through the plumbing to the back of the plane and ends up in a special tank. Then, on the ground, at the destination, special equipment will remove all this waste, ”the pilot said.

For those who are interested in more sane questions – like whether the toilets will overflow for a long-haul flight – he also enlightened. According to him, in a Boeing 747 – a typical long-haul aircraft – the toilets can be flushed more than a thousand times. And the tanks are designed for 320 gallons of waste (more than 1.2 thousand liters). “That's a lot,” the pilot assured.

More than 30,000 people watched the video, and mostly commentators were puzzled – but the truth is, there are people who believed that everything flies overboard from the toilet of the aircraft. “Do these people really think they are throwing everything down? And these people vote?” one commentator stated, for example. However, some were brave enough to admit that they once really thought so.

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