Tourists were told where to choose a seat on the plane to feel comfortable

Tourists were told where to choose a seat on the plane to feel comfortable

Jetlag is a common problem for travelers that can overshadow a long-awaited vacation and frustrate plans. However, there is a way to cope with the effects of jet lag and feel comfortable: you just need to choose the right seat on the plane, writes The Sun.

Travel expert Andrew Hayward shared tips on how to avoid jet lag syndrome: ” Sitting at the front of the aircraft can be helpful in avoiding the worst effects of jet lag, as the freshest air enters the nose of the cockpit to help pilots stay alert.”

Another important part of acclimatization is sleep. To get enough sleep, Andrew recommends booking a seat over the wings of an airplane. This is the quietest place, plus the wing is usually where the emergency exit is, meaning there's more legroom.

Sleep expert Dr. Breus recommends booking a window seat to control the curtains. “If you are going to take a nap, you have something to lean on by the window, and no one will climb over you. Also, book your seats based on which side you usually sleep on. If your side of the bed is on the right, choose the right window,” he said.

To increase your chances of falling asleep on the plane, Andrew Hayward recommends bringing a sleep kit with everything you need, including ear plugs, a travel pillow, and a sleep mask. eyes, as well as a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. For those wishing to avoid jet lag, the expert advised to give up caffeine and alcohol. Instead, he suggests drinking herbal tea or water to stay hydrated.

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