Tourists were told why it is necessary to replace contact lenses with glasses on the plane

Tourists were told why they need to replace contact lenses with glasses on the plane

Wearing contact lenses during the flight is a common mistake that tourists make. For the duration of the flight, their choice should be in favor of points, despite the apparent inconvenience. Tourist Sabina, better known as Girl vs Globe, spoke about the reasons for replacing glasses while on a plane in a video on her YouTube channel.

According to the traveler, it's all about the dry air on the planes, which can affect the body more than passengers can imagine. And in combination with contact lenses, it can cause the tourist to feel “prickly” and uncomfortable. “Do not wear contact lenses, wear glasses, because the dry air will make it look like you have sandpaper under your eyelids,” she explained.

Contact lens vendors also warn against wearing their products on flights, saying, “A lack of oxygen can cause dry eyes, causing the lenses to shrink in the eyes, which can cause microscopic tears in the cornea. This effect can occur even with regular lens use, so you can imagine the effect doubling up when you're on an airplane.” However, if the thought of boarding a plane without contact lenses is worrying, experts advise a compromise: take them off before going to bed on board.

Travelers using reusable lenses should take a small bottle of solution with them to store them while they sleep, travelers using disposable lenses should take an extra pair.

However, aviation experts reminded that dry air can also affect taste and vision. This is because it dries out the nasal mucosa and makes the taste buds less receptive. The effect can be compared to the state of a cold, when the sense of smell is weakened, and the sense of taste is dulled. Due to these physiological changes, travelers feel that the food on board is insipid.

The advice of seasoned tourists is the same: take moisturizing eye and nose drops with you. “The dry atmosphere in the salon can cause dryness and discomfort in the eyes, so I keep small disposable bottles of moisturizing eye drops to keep my eyes moisturized and in great condition,” shared one of them.

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