Tourists were told why they need to change the toilet paper roll when checking into the room and how not to be left without breakfast during early check-out

Tourists were informed that why do they have to change the toilet paper roll when checking into the room and how not to be left without breakfast when checking out early

Travelers checking into a hotel room should change the toilet paper roll due to health regulations, and travelers leaving the hotel at night or early in the morning are entitled to a free breakfast. Former hotel employee Janessa Richard shared the details on her TikTok blog.

According to her, the maids hide the fact that the roll of toilet paper went to the tourists who came to the room from past guests. “They don't change toilet paper between guests. If there is paper left in the roll, they will leave it there and fold over the end to make it look nice,” she said. In response to the woman's comment, users said they did not see anything reprehensible in the fact that someone else used the roll, to which the blogger noted: “When I pay $150-200 for a room, I expect to see a fresh roll of toilet paper.” In addition, an expert who knows inside the work of hotels said that tourists who go home, on an excursion or for some other business, do not need to skip breakfast.

According to the employee, travelers can still have a bite to eat before leaving. “If your breakfast is included in the rate, but you leave before breakfast, you can ask the staff to prepare a package with food for you on the road,” she said.

The only thing not to do is go downstairs for breakfast in pajamas, as the British tourists did. Whole families they went down to the buffet in pajamas and shorts. For which they were criticized. For details, read the article “They go to the buffet in shorts and pajamas: a tourist was outraged by the inappropriate dressing of vacationers at breakfast at the hotel.”

William Hanson, TV etiquette expert, host of a podcast called “Help me contact my boss,” told British publications that “wearing pajamas at breakfast is the height of negligence.” to public areas. Arriving in an inappropriate manner indicates a complete lack of attention and respect for staff and other guests.

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