Tourists were told why they should always put their old phone in their suitcase when they go on vacation

Tourists were told why they should always put their old phone in their suitcase when they go on vacation

Experienced traveler Lisa Garcia gave some tips to help you successfully pack your suitcase for your trip. In particular, the girl recommended that before going on vacation, always put an old phone in a suitcase. Her instructions were published by The Sun newspaper.

As the tourist noted, a working, but no longer fashionable gadget can become a “lifeline during an emergency.” “I can't tell you how many times we've traveled and our phone has been damaged or worse, stolen. It happened so often that we got into the habit of stuffing our old phones into the bottom of our suitcases, just in case,” she said.

In addition, her young man, a teacher by profession, also always took old smartphones with him abroad. So one day, during his school trip to Colombia with 16 students, they really came in handy. “We took with us a total of four backup phones for two. And all of them were involved during the trip. Two gadgets were taken by attendants who could not unlock their phones to use them with a SIM card abroad, two more were taken by students – one phone was broken, the other was stolen,” the man added.

Nevertheless , the seasoned tourist also said she always uses cloud storage in case her phone gets lost or stolen. So you can save photos of important documents or memorable photos. For example, recently it became known about a high-profile case of theft in Spain, where the traveler Patrick Biller came to rest. The man then stole a bag in which there was a phone with a SIM card, a sum of money equal to 2.5. million rubles, as well as a passport and expensive photographic equipment. Why he needed to store everything in one bag and carry it with him remained incomprehensible. In any case, if a traveler abroad has been the victim of an attack, experts recommend contacting the police and insurance to make sure that his case is included in the list of insurance.

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