Tourists will not be arrested: Phuket liberalized one type of holiday

Tourists will not be arrested: one type of recreation has been liberalized in Phuket

landlord. So the head of the Phuket Marine Police, Lieutenant Colonel Jirayut Niyomdet, officially reassured the tourists, speaking with an interview on the pages of The Phuket News.

The fact is that earlier the Marine Police received a statement about tightening licensing rules. According to it, people caught driving a jet ski without a license can face not only a fine of 1,000 to 10,000 baht (i.e., from 2.2 to 22 thousand rubles), but also six months in prison.

But tourists who rented a jet ski will not be arrested. The operator of the jet ski rental is responsible for the availability of a license, the chief of the marine police specified.

The exception, according to him, are tourists who have purchased a jet ski in their ownership – apparently, “long-term” residents of Phuket. They must have a license to operate a jet ski and the vehicle must be registered, he added. All this can be done at the Phuket Maritime Office.

At the same time, Jirayat Niyomdet warned that inspections would begin on the beaches of Phuket. This happened after jet ski rental operators on Bang Tao Beach were convicted of an expired license. They face a fine of 10,000 baht. In addition, they brought checks on their colleagues. And those are “not without sin”: in total, the police arrested six operators of jet skis for expired licenses. Including on Patong Beach, which is popular with our tourists.

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