Tours to Turkey and Egypt caught fire: tour operators are selling them on the cheap

Tours to Turkey and Egypt are on fire: tour operators are selling them cheap

The situation with the mobilization in tourism has led to the fact that tours to Egypt and Turkey « caught fire.” Tourists are afraid to go, as a result, tour operators are forced to sell cheap tours. Some programs are sold at half the price of mid-September. This is how the experts of the travel agency market described the situation and its reasons to Izvestia.

The prices are as follows: a 5 * tour for all-inclusive, either to Turkey or Egypt on the next dates can be bought for 80–85 thousand rubles for two. Back in mid-September, such a tour cost 150 thousand. There are tours that are cheaper – their price reaches 52 thousand rubles for two.

The reason for the return of “hot tours” is, first of all, the situation with mobilization, aggravated the seasonal decline in sales. This assessment was voiced by the head of the network of travel agencies “Pink Elephant” Alexan Mkrtchyan. “Of course, this is due to partial mobilization. People are worried and do not yet seek to go on vacation. As a result, sales of new tours sank by 30%. Flights are not full. Conventionally, we have to send 300 people a week, and we send 200. Therefore, in order to get 100 people, we reduce prices,” the expert said. including in Russia. According to Intourist, overall demand fell by 40-50%. The reason is the same: “Tourists cannot understand if they can go. There are also refusals from tours: someone has already received a summons, the rest do not understand whether they are obliged to stay in the region or not, ”experts of the tour operator said.

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