Tours to Turkey and Egypt closed for Russian tourists

Tours to Turkey and Egypt were closed for Russian tourists

Turkey's hopes for a serious Russian tourist flow – from the lack of alternatives – is not a fact that is destined to come true. At least, at the moment, trips to Turkey, as well as to Egypt, show rather a tendency to “wind down”. So, that until the end of March there will be no flights to Turkey and Egypt, and, accordingly, tours to these countries will not be sold, said Ekaterina Volkova, director of the Yekaterinburg bureau of international tourism Sputnik, to the Ural publication URA.RU.

< p>“Until March 28, inclusive, flights to Egypt and Turkey are not carried out,” she said, and further indicated the reason. Tour operators who are faced with a forced export company claim that this is an “expensive pleasure.” As Alexan Mkrtchyan, general director of the Pink Elephant travel company, added, demand has increased for trips around Russia. “Turkey, Egypt are not for sale, mainly the Emirates are sold, the Maldives is the only destination that is sold during any cataclysms,” the expert also added.

Recall that attempts to “close” Russia for those airlines that still continue to fly to us continue. So the Turkish airline Pegasus Airlines has suspended all flights to/from Russia from March 13 to March 27, 2022. The cessation of flights is connected with the fear of the Turkish side about the imposition of sanctions against itself. “In accordance with European Union regulation 2022/328, aircraft arriving and departing from the Russian Federation are subject to sanctions and prohibitions on insurance/reinsurance, leasing, operation and maintenance. Due to the current risks arising from the current situation, all our flights arriving and departing from the Russian Federation are temporarily suspended from March 13, 2022 (inclusive) until March 27, 2022,” the air carrier said. Read more at this link.

Note that tourism experts have already assessed what threatens prices, even if air travel is restored. “Complete collapse” for two to three weeks, during which the main demand will be generated not by tourists, but by those who want to escape from Russia, an 80% drop in purchasing power, coupled with an increase in prices for outbound tours to 200 thousand rubles. – and a slow-slow recovery of tourism for about six months. Such a forecast of upcoming trends was announced at the ATOR site by the head of the Space Travel tour operator Artur Muradyan. He noted that in the near future there will be a large drop in purchasing power – by about 80% due to the depreciation of the ruble, as well as the departure of Visa and Mastercard, and new currency rules.

“Given the decline in the markets of Russia and Ukraine, hoteliers in Egypt will have to lower prices for accommodation for the CIS market in order to maintain flows. However, taking into account the rise in prices for jet fuel and the depreciation of the ruble, package tours (flight + hotel) to Egypt are cheaper than 150-200 thousand rubles. will not be,” Artur Muradyan assessed. In Turkey, the expert also predicts that demand will continue – although the country will rise in price due to the fall of the ruble and the reduction in transportation volumes, the all-inclusive offer, which allows you to avoid buying foreign currency and spending extra money on vacation, will be a significant plus. Read the detailed forecast here.

At the same time, in Turkey itself, seized by panic in connection with the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, the voices of optimists also sounded. Birol Akman, President of the Anatolian Association of Tour Operators, spoke on their side. According to him, the fact that Turkish airspace has been and remains open to Russia – and Turkey is ready to work, among other things, on solving the problem of air sanctions – will become a competitive advantage in these conditions. That is why Turkey is counting on at least 10 million Russian tourists – but is ready accept more. By the way, 10 million is twice as much as in pre-Covid times! “The fact that Turkish airspace is open is our serious advantage. We expect many tourists from Russia this year. In 2019, there were 5 million Russian tourists, over the past two years this number has slightly decreased, but we expect this number to increase this year. If we add the number of those Russian tourists who cannot travel to Europe to the usual Turkish tourist flow, then their number may reach 10 million,” the Turkish expert said. He further expressed the hope that Turkey would not be forced to close the sky “in the coming days.”

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