Tragedy in Phuket: three Russians rescued, one missing, all of them washed away from the famous cliff

Tragedy in Phuket: three Russians rescued, one missing, all washed away from famous rock

Rescue services of the island of Phuket, popular with Russians, have been raised on alarm after the tragedy with Russian tourists. Three Russians have been rescued, one is missing, and a search is underway. All of them were washed away by a wave at the famous Promthep Cape on the southernmost part of Phuket.

The details given by Bangkokpost are as follows: the incident occurred around 9:30 am. A tourist with a group of comrades at that moment was in the “forbidden zone”, behind the fences of the observation deck. At that moment, a large wave collapsed, which washed away the tourists into the ocean.

Three of them managed to get out with the help of rescuers, but one of the tourists, Yuri S., 32 years old, was never found. In search of a tourist, rescue services on jet skis, volunteers and drones were raised. Everyone is “determined to find the missing Russian,” local authorities say.

But the chances seem slim. By the way, one of the tourists “washed away” by the wave was eventually sent to the hospital. The reason is the injuries received during the fall.

Recall that in general, tourists in Thailand expect extreme weather. Do not take smartphones with you, do not wear metal accessories, and be extremely careful on the coasts until at least Monday, the Thai Meteorological Department urged tourists. He warned of thunderstorms, gusty winds, and heavy rain – a tropical storm could bring thunderstorms and gusty winds until Monday (May 15). And this can threaten tourists with mortal danger. Read more about travel tips here.

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