Travel agent reported hysteria among tourists flying to Egypt on a Pegasus flight

Travel agent reported hysteria among tourists flying to Egypt on a Pegasus flight

Tourists who were supposed to fly from Sheremetyevo in Moscow to Sharm el-Sheikh airport in Egypt on June 15 did not get to the resort: the Nord Wind flight from Pegas Touristik was first postponed and then canceled. The probable reason is that there is no admission to the flight program. As the travel agent explained on her Yandex.Zen channel, the travelers and the travel agent who sold the tickets for the ill-fated flight became hysterical.

We are talking about the morning flight, the departure of which was listed in the flight schedule at 8: 00, however, unexpectedly for tourists, it was postponed to 15:00, and then the Russians were informed that there would be no departure. “218 people from Sheremetyevo went home. They didn't fly anywhere. And mentally we were already in Sharm El Sheikh!” said the tourism expert.

Complicating the situation is that representatives of the tour operator do not give any comments on the situation. “What is Pegas Touristik doing?… Simply – we apologize to you and your tourists for the inconvenience caused. Very nice, right? How can you treat your clients like this? How can you sell tours for which you have not received a flight permit from the Federal Air Transport Agency? Is this decent?” the specialist was indignant again.

N.B. Read about the current situation in the resorts of Egypt in the article “Hellish heat in Egypt: Russian tourists were told what to do there in the summer.”

According to the author, the first thing that comes to mind about the reasons for not flying is that Nord Wind did not receive permission to carry out the flight program. Her words were confirmed: the Federal Air Transport Agency published on its website on the day of the flight a document with the requested permits from our airlines. Among the carriers is the Nord Wind application: “Application for tomorrow's meeting (Thursday, June 16), where only tomorrow permits will be distributed! And the flight was supposed to be today! (June 15)”. In fact, it turned out that the tour operator sold tours to tourists without obtaining permission to fly by the airline.

Due to the disruption of the flight, the tourism manager, as well as outraged customers, began to panic and completely misunderstood what to do next: choose similar offers or try to return the money.

Recall that the airport of the Egyptian resort of Hurghada in last Monday took a direct flight of Pegas Touristik. Thus, Pegasus became the fourth of the Russian giants who resumed charter flights to the Red Sea resorts. Pegas Touristik has joined such tour operators as Tez Tour, Biblio-Globus, Fun & Sun (former TUI Russia). It was clarified that the flights will be carried out on Nordwind Airlines flights and Airbus A321 Neo aircraft, designed for 218 seats. Read the details in the article “Flights with Russian tourists from another tour operator have started to Hurghada.”

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