Travel agent warned tourists what they should pay attention to in the winter when buying a tour to Egypt

Travel agent warned tourists what they should pay attention to when buying a tour to Egypt in winter

Main The criteria by which you need to choose a hotel in winter in Egypt, was named for tourists by a travel agent on his channel in Yandex.Zen. According to the expert, it is in winter that an “unpretentious” tourist is especially at risk of becoming the author of typical negative reviews. Namely: “the rooms are terrible, old, the hotel is dirty, the red flag hung on the beach all week, you can’t enter the sea, there is no reef, the wind blows away …”

So, according to the travel agent, what you need to pay attention to tourists who are going to Egypt in winter:

  1. The windless bay
  2. Heated pools
  3. The presence of a living reef
  4. The presence of a sandy entry into the sea. A particularly relevant topic for tourists with children is that not all hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh, for example, have an entrance to the sea from the shore due to the presence of corals.
  5. The length of the pontoon is in hotels in Nabq Bay, for example, pontoons reach 1 km in length.

The travel agent also presented a list of several hotels where it would be comfortable to relax in winter:

  • Sierra Resort 5*
  • Monte Carlo Sharm Resort & Spa 5*
  • Iberotel Palace 5*
  • Jaz Belvedere 5*

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