Trolltunga was destroyed in China: the authorities explained the deliberate destruction of a popular attraction

Trolltunga was destroyed in China: authorities explained the intentional destruction of a popular attraction

An “extreme” attraction was destroyed in China. The overhanging rock, an analogue of the Norwegian Trolltunga, also known as the “Test of Courage”, was completely destroyed by the authorities, explaining this with safety considerations of tourists who constantly risked falling down from this cliff.

According to Chinese media, “Test of Courage” – a single stone on the edge of a cliff, hanging over a deep valley in Anyang, Henan province – was very popular with tourists. Many climbed the rock to climb the cliff, despite warning signs of danger and cracks in the stone. As a result, for safety reasons, the stone was “forced” destroyed.

“Many people climbed the rock to take photos and selfies. It became too dangerous, and we broke the stone, fearing accidents,” local officials said.

At the same time, the authorities said that “irresponsible tourists” themselves were to blame for the destruction of the rock. “What was this stone testing? It tested the sense of responsibility of local authorities, as well as the lack of a sense of security among some tourists who senselessly risked their own lives,” the outraged officials said.

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