Trouble came from an unexpected source: Turkish hotels cannot stay open for the winter despite huge tourist demand

The trouble came from an unexpected place: Turkish hotels cannot stay open for the winter, despite the huge demand of tourists

The trouble came from where they did not expect: Turkish hotels faced a dilemma – to stay open for the winter or not, they write in the Turkish tourism media. And this is with great demand from foreign tourists, including Russians, as well as Europeans. On the one hand, there is hope to make money on tourists, including those fleeing high utility prices in Turkey. On the other hand, the crisis is not limited to Europe, and in Turkey itself, electricity prices will triple by January alone, and in general, payments for utilities and food will increase 5-6 times – and it’s not a fact that the costs of the hotel remaining to work in winter will pay off .

According to Bulent Bulbuloglu, vice-president of the Turkish Hotel Federation, energy has become one of the biggest expenses of hotel owners in Turkey. “Many hotels will not be able to open in winter due to very high energy costs, the share of energy in our costs is very high. Few hotels will be open for tourists who may come due to payment problems in Europe. Because the cost of energy and money to pay staff at such a load will not allow the hotel to earn,” said the Turkish expert.

Added Gift Güral Gür, Vice President of the Turkish Hoteliers Association, said that electricity bills have reached critical level for the sector, doubling before the winter period. “People used to be our biggest expense, but now energy has become one of our biggest spenders,” he said.

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