Turkey announces date for start of summer season due to earthquake

Turkey made a statement about the timing of the start of the summer season in connection with the earthquake

Turkey made a statement about the timing of the start of the summer season in connection with the earthquake: representatives of the tourism business assured that the summer 2023 season in Turkey would start without any delay. This statement was made by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Manavgat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MATSO) Seydi Tahsin Gungor, commenting on the situation with the beginning of the summer season, the earthquake and the refugees who were sheltered in hotels.

“Accommodation facilities have begun preparations for the tourist season 2023 of the year. It will be introduced without any delay in the launch calendar,” the expert said. Mr. Gungor also called “false” claims that hotels that currently allow earthquake victims to stay “will be late for the season.”

“Earthquake victims were placed in our institutions according to a plan created before they were placed in institutions in Manavgat. Otherwise, the disruption of the 2023 tourist season would put the tourist facilities contracted in the winter months in a difficult position and cause an economic crisis for hoteliers and tourism professionals,” he said.

However, as the Turkish expert assures, “ before the start of the tourist season, our state will transfer the victims of the earthquake, who are being received in Manavgat, to protected, good living conditions.” “The 2023 tourist season will start off smoothly,” he added.

Let's add that just the other day in Turkey the question of how to evict the victims of the earthquake from Antalya hotels was discussed. At least according to Turkish media, government officials have already found two options. One of which is again directly related to hotels and resorts. However, its implementation is likely to be difficult.

The idea is simple – while the spring-summer season is about to open for Turkey's beach resorts, the country's ski resorts, which suffered this season from the lack of snow, just ends. And as part of the search for a solution where to place the victims of the earthquake, currently living in hotels in Antalya and other resorts, it is proposed to use “ski” facilities. What are the problems of this “manoeuvre” and what other solutions the government offers – read the link.

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