Turkey arrests restaurateur who set fire to hotel while tourists were sleeping

Restaurateur arrested in Turkey who set fire to hotel while tourists were sleeping

A restaurateur who, after a quarrel with a hotel owner, decided to burn down an entire hotel, was arrested in the resort town of Marmaris in Turkey , and while the tourists were sleeping there. The reason for the arson was that the restaurateur could not agree on the amount of rent. Fortunately, there were no deaths or injuries from this incident.

According to Turizmajansi, the incident that could have ended in tragedy occurred at Sitelere, the coastal and richest district of Marmaris (Mugla province). On the eve of the state of emergency, the hotelier told the restaurateur about the increase in rent, but the man tried to challenge it. When the owner of the restaurant-bar realized that the landlord would not give in, he decided to take extreme measures: burn down the hotel restaurant he ran. The restaurateur poured gasoline over the tables and chairs with his own hands, set them on fire, and soon the flames engulfed the area around.

The hotel staff responded to the smoke in time and called firefighters and the police. As a result of the actions of the services, 12 tourists who lived in the hotel were evacuated. There were no casualties, although some required psychological assistance. The police arrested the arsonist. He will be held in custody until trial.

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