Turkey boasted of Russian tourists who spend $10,000 a day

Turkey boasted of Russian tourists spending $10,000 a day

Turkey boasted of Russian tourists spending $10,000 a day: exactly Russian vacationers make up a significant part of the segment of “luxury” tourists in Turkey, who spend 8-10 thousand dollars on “average daily expenses”. This was stated by Advie Bergemann, owner and founder of AIDA Tours, a company operating in the luxury tourism segment. The company was founded in Izmir to develop luxury tourism and is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary.

“We are solely focused on making VIP clients discover Turkey for themselves,” said the head of the company. She further stressed that the average daily expenses of the tourists they bring in are about $8,000-$10,000. “The client we bring in becomes the equivalent of a thousand mass tourists. The “average” tourist spends about 1.2 thousand dollars a day – and this is not our choice. Our tourists spend a minimum of 4-5 thousand dollars per day, and on average their daily expenses are about 8-10 thousand dollars,” she said.

At the same time, speaking of Aida’s target markets Tours, Ms. Bergemann noted that “there should not be a specific target market in luxury tourism” and there are always customers in this segment, although this year the highest demand was recorded from Russia. “This year we have received quite a few VIP clients, especially from Russia. We also host wealthy guests from the Gulf countries,” said the expert.

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