Turkey cancels performances of Russian pop stars for Russian tourists in 5-star hotels

Turkey canceled performances of Russian pop stars for vacationing Russians in 5-star hotels

In “Russian” – those. hotels in Turkey, hosting the most Russians, have canceled concerts of Russian pop stars recently engaged in spring and summer to entertain vacationers, as well as their Ukrainian colleagues. This is justified by the “situation in the world.”

The hotel itself, “Russian” and “five-star”, the MK edition, which launched this topic, does not disclose. But first it was reported that concerts by Vera Brezhneva, Valery Meladze and Ani Lorak would be held there for the Russian public. However, just a couple of days later, the concerts were cancelled. The hotel management referred to the “world situation”.

“Due to the current situation in the world, concerts have been canceled for reasons beyond the control of the hotel. On our official website you can see reliable information. The photo with the dates of the concerts, which was replicated by the media, is not our official website,” the hoteliers said.

Note that Ukrainian pop stars were also “turned off”. Concerts of Artik and Asti, singer Elka are also cancelled.

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