Turkey explains why 10 million Russian tourists are expected this summer – this will be an absolute record

Turkey explained why 10 million Russian tourists are expected this summer - this will be an absolute record

In Turkey, gripped by panic in connection with the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, the voices of optimists also sounded. Birol Akman, President of the Anatolian Association of Tour Operators, spoke on their side. According to him, the fact that Turkish airspace has been and remains open to Russia – and Turkey is ready to work, among other things, on solving the problem of air sanctions – will become a competitive advantage in these conditions. That is why Turkey is counting on at least 10 million Russian tourists – but is ready accept more. By the way, 10 million is twice as much as in pre-Covid times!

“The fact that Turkish airspace is open is our serious advantage. We expect many tourists from Russia this year. In 2019, there were 5 million Russian tourists, over the past two years this number has slightly decreased, but we expect this number to increase this year. If we add the number of those Russian tourists who cannot travel to Europe to the usual Turkish tourist flow, then their number may reach 10 million,” the Turkish expert said. He further expressed the hope that Turkey would not be forced to close the sky “in the coming days”.

“This will be a big advantage for our economy. In 2019, Turkey was visited by 55 million tourists, and for 2022 we have planned a target of 42 million tourists,” he said. At the same time, according to him, “in theory” Turkey can receive 70 million tourists. “We are more prepared to receive tourists than other countries. And even if not 10, but 15 million Russian tourists come to us this season, we will be able to accept everyone,” Mr. Akman assured.

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