Turkey found where to evict earthquake victims from Antalya hotels

Turkey found where to evict earthquake victims from Antalya hotels

Turkey is trying to solve the problem of where to evict earthquake victims from Antalya hotels. At least according to Turkish media, government officials have already found two options. One of which is again directly related to hotels and resorts. However, its implementation is likely to be difficult.

The idea is simple – while the spring-summer season is about to open for Turkey's beach resorts, the season is just ending in the country's ski resorts, which have suffered this season from the lack of snow. And as part of the search for a solution where to place the victims of the earthquake, currently living in hotels in Antalya and other resorts, it is proposed to use “ski” facilities.

True, Turkish experts immediately discovered the problem – the ski hotel capacities of Turkey are significantly less than the beach ones. So, from the ski centers Uludag has 17 hotels for 5 thousand places, Kartalkaya – 14 hotels for 1.7 thousand places, Erciyes – 13 hotels for 1 thousand places, etc. In general, the total capacity is approximately 15 thousand places. . While about 75 thousand victims from the earthquake zone have already been accommodated in Antalya.

The second option, which was announced by the Turkish state administration, is a project for private individuals “Let my house be your home”. The project assumes that those who have a second home will rent it out to a family affected by the earthquake for one year, and the district governor's office will pay the rent, electricity, water and natural gas. Turkish media say that in an environment where rents are growing exponentially, this is an attractive offer in its own way. However, so far there are no more than 10 thousand participants in the project.

A date has also been tentatively named after which a difficult resolution of the issue with refugees accommodated in hotels will be required. And it is already considered the middle of March, before which there is very little time left.

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