Turkey gives $300 million support to Anex, Pegasus and Coral

Turkey gives $300 million support to Anex, Pegasus and Koral

Credit support in the amount of $300 million for Russian tour operators of Turkish origin was announced by Turkish “high-ranking departments”. According to Sabah, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Finance and Finance have taken measures to overcome the problems faced by the Turkish tourism sector due to “air sanctions” and other consequences of the Russian special operation.

The details are as follows: credit support will be provided to Turkish tour operators, primarily Anex, Coral and Pegasus, which are now in a difficult situation. Within the framework of the Credit Guarantee Fund. (KGF) they will be supported by a loan package totaling $300 million. It is expected that the support package of the Ministry of Finance, the Credit Guarantee Fund and banks will be announced in the first week of May.

Recall that this measure is one of the measures included in the general support plan for tour operators and the road map to preserve the tourist flow from Russia in the 2022 season. You can read more about what measures Turkey is taking in the article “Turkey announces plan to rescue Turkish tour operators in Russia.”

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