Turkey has a new attack on the resorts: the famous Bodrum is the first who can stop being a tourist

Turkey has a new misfortune in the resorts: the famous Bodrum is the first that can stop being a tourist

The growth of the permanent population in the resort due to the places for tourists may lead to the fact that Bodrum will cease to be a resort city, Mahmut Kokadon, President of the Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, announced this to the Turkish media, speaking at a panel session on tourism. “The number of hotel beds has fallen below 25%, hotels are rapidly turning into residences for long-term rent, as a result, Bodrum risks losing its identity as a tourist city,” the entrepreneur said.

In this way, he emphasized that the capacity of tourist places is constantly decreasing, while the influx of population is growing and exceeding the city's capacity. “I would like to share some figures that are important for the future of Bodrum. Over the past 10 years, Bodrum has experienced a serious increase in population. In 2012, the population of Bodrum was 99 thousand people and our bed capacity was 55%. However, in 2022, 480 thousand people already live in Bodrum. Our bed capacity has fallen below 25%. These figures show us that Bodrum has lost its tourist appeal,” said Mr. Kokadon.

If Bodrum wants to maintain its tourist appeal, and not become an ordinary metropolis by the sea, it needs to make every effort not to lose its identity, the entrepreneur added. “We prefer to be a small tourist town rather than a big city by the sea. Before us is the example of Kusadasi. There are no more boutique hotels left in Bodrum, the culture itself has disappeared. We must protect our city, otherwise we will soon lose tourists,” Mr. Kokadon warned.

Omer Faruk Dengiz, President of the Bodrum Hoteliers Association, also supported his assessment. He deplored the transformation of hotels into residences and urged business owners to pay more attention to the tourist attraction of the city.

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