Turkey prepares to introduce anti-COVID restrictions

Turkey are preparing to introduce anti-covid restrictions

Turkey is preparing to introduce anti-covid restrictions: the country may return the “mask regime” in closed public spaces and other anti-covid measures. The reason is a sharp increase in the incidence in the country. Whether the measure will affect tourists is still unclear. The processing of public opinion before the introduction of such measures has already begun. Obviously, tourists will not like it very much.

“Mask mode should be introduced again indoors and in public transport,” Kavat Ishik Yavuz, a public health specialist, told Turkish media. According to him, a voluntary mask-wearing regime “cannot prevent a pandemic. “When the person in front of you is not wearing a face mask, the protection of your mask is also reduced, but I still recommend that everyone wear masks in closed and crowded spaces,” the expert repeated the covid rule. He also stated that the new sub-variants BA.4 and BA.5, which are much more contagious due to the lack of public health measures, continue to spread.

As a result, covid threatens people at risk – for example, the case of the disease people over 65 in Europe increased by 32%. “This is not the time to soften the position, it's time to take action,” the medic added. That is, all statements that are memorable at the beginning of covid are being heard again in Turkey, which means that anti-covid measures can return at any moment.

At the same time, from July 25 to August 5, 406 thousand cases were recorded in Turkey covid. Over the past two weeks, the number of cases has increased 16 times.

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