Turkey records two records: one negative and one positive

Two records were recorded in Turkey: one negative and one positive

Two records – negative and positive – were recorded by the Turkish tourism media, evaluating the statistics of the summer of 2022 on tourists. We are talking, apparently, about the countries that put the most tourists – and these are Germany, Russia and the UK. Great Britain has a positive record, the growth of tourists from there to Turkey amounted to a record 2000%, which, however, is not surprising after the covid closures. Russia holds a negative record: the share of the Russian market in Turkey has decreased significantly, the Turks assure.

In general, according to the data announced by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 40 million 246 thousand tourists visited Turkey in the first nine months. This is approximately 95% of the level of 2019, which, we recall, was a record for Turkey.

The country that sent the most tourists in the first nine months was Germany – 4.53 million, with an increase of almost two times. In second place is Russia, which showed a result of 3.86 million – this, by the way, is also an increase, by 11.80%. And the already mentioned record holder is Great Britain with 2.82 million tourists and a fantastic growth of 1952.93% (but in fact this growth is from zero). The Netherlands and Poland also grew by 100% plus or minus.

What is the “negative” Russian record. According to Turkish media, is that Russia's market share has dropped significantly. In 2021, of all the tourists “supplied” to Turkey, the share of Russia was almost 20%, more precisely 19.66%, the Turks calculated. Now its share in the volume of tourist traffic has fallen to 11%.

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