Turkey reported confusion over information about the sale of tours in Russia

Turkey reported confusion over information about the sale of tours in Russia

Contradictory reports of Russian tour operators on the level of sales of tours in Russia Turkey in Russia caused bewilderment and confusion in the Turkish tourist market. According to Turizmguncel, without naming sources, some Russian tour operators claim that sales have already recovered by 80% from the level before the beginning of February, i.е. before the earthquake, but others claim that this optimistic reporting is a marketing ploy, and moreover, it is the “worst year” in terms of sales.

The publication assures that, judging by the news in the Russian media, tour operators have implemented 40% of the summer program in 2023 and are very interested in selling early bookings to Turkey. At the same time, some tour operators claim that sales, which fell to almost zero after the earthquake, recovered again and reached 80% of the level of early February and continue at an intense pace. The reason for this is that tourists want to reserve a seat in advance, fearing a shortage of planes and high ticket prices.

This is how the “testimonies” of optimists look like, but their own colleagues refute them, arguing that the situation is exactly the opposite. Referring to some representative of the management of one of the leading tour operators in the Russian market, the publication quotes the following: “Some tour operators submit this kind of news for marketing purposes. Currently, there is no such situation with sales on the Russian market. Since the products sold by the tour operators and their prices are more or less the same, it is inconceivable that some have high sales and others have low sales,” said the expert. According to him, at best, the Russian market will reach volumes in 2022 – and the main volume will be formed by buying tours at the last moment.

They gave the floor to pessimists – another representative of the Russian the market is experiencing one of the worst sales periods in history.” According to him, the positive sales dynamics mentioned in the news are completely absent, moreover, there are flights canceled for April and May.

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