Turkey reports fear of tourists and rise in early bookings

Fear of tourists and increase in early bookings reported in Turkey

There are opportunities for early bookings, mainly for the most pressing financial reasons, despite all the fears of tourists. This assessment was presented in the Turkish media by Mustafa Kemal Cubuk, Deputy General Director for Operations and Contracts of TatilbudurCom. According to him, two opposing trends are observed – on the one hand, a tourist, frightened by an unpredictable reality, even starting from covid, is not ready to buy to part with money in advance. On the other hand, this summer season has shown that tours at the last moment turn out to be significantly more expensive, so there is a significant argument on the side of early booking – the desire to save money. Moreover, tour operators are ready to meet the needs of the tourist, and with early booking, payments are stretched for a long time.

“There is a positive and a negative trend. But we estimate that the economic benefits of early booking will outweigh and this early booking period will be very tight in terms of demand. For the tourist, the main thing is that early booking no longer means early payment. With current installment programs, a tourist can pay for their 2023 vacation within 3-5 months,” said Mr. Chubuk. He also noted that this year the prices of “last minute holidays” in some cases exceeded the prices of early bookings by three times – and there is a chance that tourists will not forget this.

He also noted that early booking is another plus. “2023 will be a year where there will be no room for last-minute quotas and most of the in-demand hotels will be filled with pre-bookings. This year we made sure of it. Pre-bookings for early bookings have increased significantly,” the Turkish expert assured.

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