Turkey's booking collapsed: an unpleasant bunch of reasons named

Reservation of Turkey collapsed: an unpleasant bunch of reasons named

Several “negative events” at once affected the booking of Turkey by Russian tourists. TimeServices Global CEO Sezgin Ozer said recent developments have “slowed down the flow of orders” in the Russian market, according to Turkish edition Turizm Guncel. The fact that bookings collapsed, there was a whole unpleasant bunch of reasons – from the earthquake experienced by Turkey to recent “sanctions” statements.

The first reason, Mr. Ozer called the earthquake that Turkey experienced on February 6. Tourists are still scared, and it's not just Russians. The second negative factor – as always, prices – the growth of the exchange rate in Russia and the 30-40% increase in hotel prices in Turkey in the face of rising costs “created the impression that Turkey is very expensive,” said the Turkish expert. The third reason is political. Firstly, there are elections in Turkey itself in May, and secondly, tourists are alarmed by the latest “sanctions” decisions in connection with aircraft maintenance – tourists want clarity in matters of transportation.

Recall that the end of this week was traditionally marked by alarming news for Russian tourists: according to the statement of the Turkish edition of Airporthaber, Turkey “stopped providing various services to aircraft manufactured in the United States and under Russian-Belarusian control.” Experts said that the decision was made in accordance with the decision of the Department of Customs and Trade, moreover, at the direct request of the States, more precisely, in connection with the letter from the Office of Industry and Security on export practices of the US Department of Commerce. And, although it turned out that we are talking about about 30 boards, the tourist market is on its guard. Read the details at this link.

In Turkey, as Mr. Ozer said, they also hope for a speedy clarification of all the circumstances – and the return of Russian tourists. “We hope that in the coming days the number of bookings will improve,” said a Turkish expert.

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