Turkey's deficit: ways and terms to overcome it are named

Turkey's deficit: ways and terms to overcome it

The problem of shortage of transportation to Turkey in the summer season will have to be solved in the near future – otherwise a large number of Russian tourists will be left without an already paid vacation. The cumulative losses of tourists can amount to more than 30 billion rubles – at the same time, tour operators will not be able to return the money already paid to hotels. As a result, they have to look for ways to overcome the deficit.

The first of them is to convince the Russian authorities to increase the number of flights of Turkish carriers, in particular, Turkish Airlines. A corresponding appeal to the government has already been sent by the Russian Union of Tourism Industry (PCT) and the public council under the Federal Tourism Agency. Letters were also sent to the Ministry of Transport and the Human Rights Council (HRC).

According to experts, Turkish Airlines has already requested an increase in the frequency of flights. However, the Ministry of Transport approved only 30% of the flights: out of the requested additional 349 frequencies per week, on which another 280 thousand people could be transported per month, just over 100 were approved. So far, the statistics on flights to Turkey are as follows: Turkish Airlines and low-cost carrier Pegasus can operate 108 flights per week. This means about 100 thousand people per month. Also, Red Wings, Azimuth and Rossiya fly to Turkey on 100-seat Superjets. In addition, flights to Antalya from Grozny on the wings of PegasFly and Utair have been announced, and flights from Vnukovo to Turkey from Azur Air have also been announced. But all these volumes are not enough. Moreover, we recall that the previously agreed transportation from Moscow to Dalaman has already been canceled – at least for the May holidays, read the details at the link.

“The problem is that tour operators have already sold trips to Turkey worth 40 billion rubles. But now a huge part of the tourists who paid for them will not be able to use them, ”Dmitry Davydenko, chairman of the public council of Rostourism, commented on the situation to Izvestia. According to experts, the lack of transportation capacity will create an “artificial shortage of supply”, which is also fraught with price increases.

The current situation with transportation will lead to the fact that not all Russian tourists who have already bought tours to Turkey will be able to fly. According to Mr. Davydenko, the loss of tourists could amount to 32 billion rubles. “At the same time, tour operators will not be able to return money for vouchers: there are no legal grounds to require Turkish hotels to return funds for booking rooms,” he stressed. Experts also emphasize that in this way the fulfillment of obligations to tourists for “pandemic” tours is also postponed.

Tour operators confirm that there is transportation, but it is not enough. Intourist, for example, plans to fly to Turkey on Turkish Airlines and Azimuth flights. “But there is not enough capacity to cover all the demand. If you evaluate the already made reservations, there will be enough seats on flights for everyone. But if we talk about potential demand for the entire season, then there may be a shortage of transportation volumes. We hope that the carriers' current plans are not final and will be worked out in the future,” Intourist said.

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