Turkish airline will fly to Russia on 4 more routes

Turkish airline will fly to Russia on 4 more routes

Permission to fly to Russia from Turkey on four routes at once, including resorts, was received by the Turkish carrier Pegasus Airlines. The corresponding document with permission was presented by the Federal Air Transport Agency. As commented in the Turkish media, further expansion of routes is also planned in Turkey – in particular, to the airport of Cappadocia, where the Federal Air Transport Agency also issued a flight permit. Meanwhile, Russian tour operators are “mastering” other charter carriers.

Among the permits that Pegasus Airlines has received, the most interesting in terms of tourism are routes to Antalya. The carrier received permission to fly to the Turkish resort from the Zhukovsky airport near Moscow, as well as from Rostov-on-Don (where the airport is still closed). In addition, routes to Ankara from Moscow and St. Petersburg have been opened. All routes are licensed to fly 7 times a week. The request for permission, by the way, came from the Turkish side.

Turkish travel media actively comment on this topic, also focusing on new routes to Antalya. In addition, they suggest that it is Pegasus Airlines that will be able to enter the routes to Cappadocia, the airport of which Nevsehir, the Federal Air Transport Agency, has also included in the number of permitted airports for flights from Russia (read the details here).

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