Turkish hotels massively attacked by scammers who found a way to get free rest

Turkish hotels were massively attacked by scammers who found a way to get free rest

Fraud tourists have found a new way to stay in Turkish hotels almost for free. True, this “service” is not available to the Russian “Ostap Benders”, since international payment using the so-called “mail order” (Mail Order) does not work from Russia. Therefore, this is mainly done by Europeans, primarily by the British, who were previously famous for the “epidemic” of fraud with insurance companies for fictitious poisoning in hotels.

In fact, “mail order” is a variation of the “rest now, pay later” service. According to the Turkish media, a fraudulent tourist makes a hotel reservation with the payment option “postal transfer”, and after returning from Turkey does not make this payment, stating to the bank in response to a payment order that arrives 3-4 months after the holiday, that I have not been to any hotel. Fraudsters use a very simple “loophole”: hotels by this time can no longer prove to the bank the fact of a tourist's arrival, since the recordings of cameras at the front desk and other cameras are cleared after a month. At least that's what the Turkish hoteliers who described the problem to the media say.

They also state that the scam is clearly organized, including technicians who make sure that payment is made by “postal order” and not directly debited from the card, and lawyers who help the scammer “prove” that he was never in the hotel . The bank asks the hotel for information about the tourist – and if by that time the video recording has already been erased, it is likely that the funds will remain with the fraudster.

As Irfan Cholakoglu, who manages one of the hotels in Kas, said it turned out to be four such tourists who stayed in the most beautiful rooms and made payment using the Postal Transfer method. He complained that it is extremely difficult to prove the fact of a tourist's vacation, even with all the documents in hand, including the confirmed fact of the tourist's stay in the country and in the hotel. As a result, hoteliers are urgently looking for a way to deal with a new scourge.

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