Turkish paraglider dives on tourist's head

In Turkey, a paraglider dived on the head of a tourist

Paragliding in Alanya turned into serious injuries. One of the tourists was taken to the hospital. The details of the incident were reported by the Turkish media.

The traveler decided to paragliding in the resort town of Alanya, but lost control and landed hard right on a tourist vacationing on the famous Cleopatra Beach. On Friday afternoon, an outdoor enthusiast took off with a paraglider from the 800-meter mountain of Iasi Tepe in the Dinek region. However, something went wrong, and he lost control of the controls while descending, heading straight for a landing on the beach. There, a young man crashed into a tourist with all his weight at a decent speed.

The blow was strong, as eyewitnesses reported that the girl was dragged several meters along the sand from the blow. Nearby residents reported the situation to emergency services. The tourist was taken to the hospital – she was diagnosed with a head injury and abrasions. Details about the paraglider were not reported.

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