Turkish tourism hit: tours canceled, visas not issued, travel agencies in shock

Turkey's tourism has been hit: tours are canceled, visas are not issued, travel agencies are in shock

The ban of the EU countries on issuing visas, first to Russian tourists, and now the growing share of refusals to Turkish citizens in obtaining Schengen, has hit foreign tours. Last month alone, about 40 trips from Turkey were canceled, the victims of which were 500 tourists, the newspaper Turizmguncel reports. It is obvious that the practice of mass refusal of tourist visas, tested in Turkey, can spread to Russian citizens, at least from the most Russophobic EU countries. Moreover, no one returns the paid consular fee to citizens in case of refusal of a visa, actually stealing from them.

The countries of the European Union react negatively to the applications of many Turkish citizens for obtaining visas due to an increase in the number of applications coming to the EU for asylum for time of geopolitical upheaval. It is noted that the increased level of refusals has a negative impact on tourism in Turkey – trips abroad.

Turkey's travel agencies are noticing shocking shifts in application deadlines. According to them, consulates are postponing appointments too much due to overcrowding, and note that appointments that used to be scheduled for seven, three or even one day are now scheduled a month later.

Among European countries, there have been anti-leaders in terms of refusals to issue a Schengen visa – these are Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Spain. Due to refusals and violations of the deadlines for considering applications, at least one travel agency canceled a total of 40 tours with the participation of 500 people and suffered losses in the amount of 200-300 thousand euros (from 12 to 18.5 million rubles).

However, in case of refusal to issue a visa, tourists are not deprived of the entire amount of the tour. This is due to the payment of insurance. But agencies and tour operators are losing money. So, a representative of one of the travel agencies told the publication about the increased percentage of refusals from Europe. If earlier the number of visa refusals was 2-3 (2-3%) out of 100 people, now it has increased to 20-30 (20-30%). At the same time, it was noted that on a tour of 40 people, 5-6 travelers, as a rule, remain without visas, which means that agencies are forced to cover their expenses. In addition, sector analysts shared information that so far at least 100,000 people have not been able to take part in planned tourist trips.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “Russians flooded one European country amid the threat of Schengen visas.

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