Turks gleefully rub their hands: Russian demand for the beaches of their main competitor has fallen sharply for an important reason

Turks rub their hands happily: Russian demand for the beaches of their main competitor has fallen sharply for an important reason< /p>Turkey's main competitor in terms of “mass” Russian tourists and the winter favorite of previous years has rapidly lost its positions, barely holding onto the Top 5 in terms of demand from Russian tourists. This statement from the Russian tourism retail sector was immediately reprinted by the Turkish media, and the Turks are rubbing their hands happily: the demand of Russians for the beaches of their main competitor has fallen sharply, which means that tours to Turkey will be bought up even more actively. We are talking about Egypt, and the expected reason is a sharp rise in prices at the resorts of the country of the Pyramids.

As Oleg Kozyrev, marketing director of the Travelata.ru online tour store, told RIA Novosti, the average price of a tour to Egypt increased by 70% over the year. And the Russian tourist was not slow to vote with his wallet. “Egypt has lost a lot of ground. This was mainly due to the rapid rise in prices. The average check in this direction has grown by almost 70% over the year,” he said. In the 2022 season, Egypt ranked first in terms of sales, more than 35% of Russian tourists went there. Now its share is only 15%, and it hardly kept on the fifth line, losing even to Turkey. The average check in the direction is 161 thousand rubles. As for the other leading destinations, domestic tours are in the first place, followed by Thailand, the UAE and Turkey.

At the same time, according to Travelata.ru, in general, destinations in outbound destinations increased from 40 to 70%, that is, Egypt is among the most expensive. Other retail experts cite the following statistics – according to their data, the leading Thailand accounts for almost 19% of sales. As for the jubilant Turkey, it has doubled in demand and more, having received almost 11% of the total volume, while last year it was only 1.2%.

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