Turks massively rushed for iPhones to Georgia: long queues formed in Batumi

Turks rushed en masse for iPhones to Georgia: long queues formed in Batumi

Although Georgia is not the most popular country for shopping, lately there are long queues of Turkish travelers in Batumi shops. Tourists showed massive interest in the iPhone: gadgets in the Georgian capital cost almost half as much as on Turkish shelves. Travel agencies immediately responded to the demand by launching so-called telephone tours from Turkey to Batumi.

According to Turkish media, prices for iPhones in Turkey start at 50,000 liras (163,000 rubles at the exchange rate) with a 50% value added tax, 18% VAT and other taxes, and in total reach up to 64 thousand lira, i.e. 208 thousand rubles depending on the model and amount of memory. “Abroad, iPhone brand phones are sold for about 15-20 thousand liras (49-65 thousand rubles) cheaper than in our country,” Turkish experts considered.

According to expert Elif Chavush, who is referred to by the Turkish media, Turks from all provinces of Turkey began to flock to the Georgian city of Batumi, who want to save money and buy a cheap iPhone. They go on a one-day tour to get their hands on an iPhone with a price difference of almost half that found in stores in the Republic of Turkey.

For example, a travel company based in Trabzon also took advantage of this opportunity. A travel company that runs promotions called Georgia Tech Tour commented on the hype around the new trend: for high-tech lovers thanks to affordable phone prices and tax refund opportunities.”

The company’s advertisements contain the following language that is attractive to residents of Turkey, including Russians who have moved there: “Trip around Batumi, stay in 5-star hotel and earn more than 20 thousand Turkish lira (65 thousand rubles)”.

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