Two brothers of a Russian got into a fatal accident in Phuket

  • Two Russian brothers got into a fatal accident in Phuket

  • Two Russian brothers got into a fatal accident in Phuket

In Thailand, two Russian tourists got into a fatal traffic accident: one was hospitalized with injuries and the other died on the spot. This was reported by Phuket News. The incident occurred last Saturday, April 8, on the popular resort island of Phuket.

According to Thai law enforcement, two brothers-tourists traveled on a scooter along the road in the center of the island in the area of ​​Pa Khlok. However, the driver lost control, causing the vehicle to fly off the road. The older brother, who was driving, died, and the younger brother was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Arriving at the scene, police and rescuers found a blue Honda Click scooter and the body of a 36-year-old Russian in the roadside grass. It was clarified that the man was wearing a protective helmet, but his face was open – the helmet did not protect against injury in the forehead, which caused death.

Only a 32-year-old traveler was found alive on the spot. With multiple injuries, he was taken to the hospital for treatment. The details of the tourist’s condition were not specified, it is only known that upon the arrival of the police and rescuers, he was conscious and could communicate with them.

According to a preliminary investigation, the brothers arrived in Phuket on Wednesday, April 5, stayed at a hotel in Patong and planned to rest on a tropical island until April 15. It is known that they come from Kazakhstan. To quickly and conveniently see the sights, travelers decided to travel by scooter. On the day of the incident, the men went to visit the Bang Pae waterfall in Pa Khlok. However, the driver lost control, which was the cause of the accident, according to the Thai police. Information about the victim and the deceased was sent to the Russian embassy.

As of April 8, the Thai Road Safety Committee (ThaiRSC) recorded one death and 80 hospitalizations after traffic accidents in the popular Phuket. To date, the accident statistics on the island are horrific: since the beginning of 2023, 38 people have died and 6,422 people have received injuries of varying severity. In other words, 64 people suffer from car accidents in Phuket every day.

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